An Experiment

This whole post is an experiment.
I'm going to try the format used in Mangajin's Basic Japanese Through Comics.
This technique worked very well for them, but I'm not sure how it'll translate to this medium (and language).

New Practical Chinese Reader, Volume 1 Chapter 1:

陆 雨平: 力波, 你 好。
Lù Yŭpíng: Lìbō, nĭ hăo.
Lù Yŭpíng: Lìbō, you good.
Lù Yŭpíng: Hello, Lìbō.

力波: 你 好, 陆 雨平。
Lìbō: Nĭ hăo, Lù Yŭpíng.
Lìbō: you good, Lù Yŭpíng.
Lìbō: Hello, Lù Yŭpíng.

力波: 林 娜, 你 好 吗?
Lìbō: Lín Nà, nĭ hăo ma?
Lìbō: Lín Nà, you good (question)?
Lìbō: Lín Nà, how are you?

林 娜: 我 很 好, 你 呢?
Lín Nà: Wŏ hĕn hăo, nĭ ne?
Lín Nà: I very good, you (modal)?
Lín Nà: I'm fine, and you?

力波: 也 很 好。
Lìbō: Yĕ hĕn hăo.
Lìbō: also very good.
Lìbō: I'm fine too.


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