A few useful(?) links

Zhongwen.com is a chinese character dictionary. It emphasizes traditional characters over simplified, but it's still pretty useful.

Rikai.com is a site created by my friend Todd which allows you to annotate any Chinese (or Japanese) website such that mousing over a character will give you its definition. Try it. You'll like it.

Hanzi Smatter is a site dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture. The reverse version of Engrish.com, only with a bonus gift of interesting conversations on chinese characters.

Kanji Clinic is a regular column from The Japan Times dealing with the experiences of non-Japanese adults trying to learn the Kanji.

Alaric's blog about blogging in chinese as a second language is my inspiration for starting this.

Language Hat is a blog which deals with languages and linguistics. Always interesting.

Wenlin and Clavis Sinica are competing Chinese dictionary apps. Both are available for MacOS X and Windows. Neither is perfect, and they're both somewhat expensive, but I've found them very useful.

Quia allows you to create online quizzes and drills. Here are some of the activities I've created for learning Chinese.


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